Media and Public Relation Courses
Media and Public Relation Courses

Public Relations and Media Skills
Protocol and Event Management
Event Management Specialist
Planning and Managing PR Campaigns
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Events and Conferences Management
Certified Public Relations Professional
Public Relations Campaigns: From Planning to Execution
Business Etiquette and Protocol
The Essentials of Business Etiquette and Protocol
Introduction to Journalism
News Room Structure
Print Reporting
Identifying Stories and Story Structure
News Writing In Practice
The Art Of Editing and Sub Editing
Magazine Journalism
Feature Writing
The Art Of Writing Effective essays
Freelance Journalism
Introduction to Photojournalism / News Photography
Info Graphics and Page Layout
The Art Of Filming
Interview Techniques
The Art of Lighting for Photography
Introduction To Radio
Writing For Radio
Presenting For Radio
Radio Advertising
Radio Writing & Presenting Workshop
International Radio Reporting
Radio Final Recording Session
Introduction to Television Journalism
Writing for TV
TV Filming
The Art Of Filming
Regional Impact of Social Media
Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
TV Presenting
Photography Boot Camp
Writing for Public Relations
The Art Of Writing Documentary Films & Programs
Designing a PR Strategy
Press Release Writing
PR Measurement and Monitoring
Introduction to Video Shooting
Crisis Management In Media Organizations
The Art of Narrative Film Editing
Regional Impact of Social Media
Blogging, Building Your online Audience
Digital Marketing (TBC)
Citizen Based Journalism
Video Production for the Web
Introduction to digital VFX for directors
Building Your online Audience
Social Media Workshop
Info graphic Design Workshop
Digital Marketing (TBC)
Changing the news cycle (TBC)
Writing & Editing for the Web for PR professionals
Writing Press Releases
Art of Dealing with People (Clients) and Perfecting Communication Skills
Translation of Books and Studies
Presentation Skills and Art of Public Speaking
Journalistic Translation and Re-writing
Business Correspondence
Harnessing Social Media
Managing Internal Communications
Corporate Identity Design
Government Communications
International PR Specialist
The Art Of Public Relations
Managing a Press Conference
Managing an Online Newsroom
Introduction to Media Relations
Strategic PR Planning
Organizing & Managing Events
Mobile App Development
International Certified PR Manager
Acting on Character
3D Sculpting on Ipad
Government Communications
Gesture Drawing
Introduction to Game Making

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