Sales and Marketing Courses
Sales and Marketing Courses

How To Decide On Strategies For Products, Pricing, Channels & Communication
Hierarchy Of Client Needs
Develop A Plan For A New Product
Strategic Marketing In Practice
Developing And Reviewing The Marketing Mix
Define The Market, Customer Segments & Buying Behavior
Certified Sales Manager
Introduction To Marketing Planning
Analyzing The Current Situation: Internal & External Audit
SWOT Analysis
PESTEL Factors
Analyzing Customers & markets
Fundamentals of Sales
Fundamentals of Marketing
Certified Business Development Professional
Consumer Markets
Business Markets
Market Segmentation Process
4 Different Targeting Strategies
Product Launch and Management
Certified Brand Manager
Sales Professionals
Tools for Evaluating Marketing Progress
Measuring Progress With Metrics
Forecasting Approaches
Preparing Budgets & Schedules
The Marketing Control Process
How To Prepare An Effective Marketing Plan
Channel Management: Maximizing Market Presence
Advanced Selling Skills, Negotiation Skills
Mastering Sales and Marketing in the Age of New Social Media
Market Analysis, Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking
Marketing Channels: Distribution Channel Management
Measuring Marketing Effectiveness & ROI
Marketing Communications and Media Planning
Market Analysis : Business-to-Business (B2B) products and services
Sales Presentations in Practice
Competitive Intelligence
The emergence of global competition
Fusion of Market/Competitor/Benchmark Data to Support Decisions
Benchmarking: What, Why & How
Professional Sales Representative
Identifying Competitors – Current and Future
Benchmarking and “The Balanced Scorecard”
Generating Information – B2C Data Bases
Generating Information – Direct Approach To The Market
Tools & Techniques Of Market Analysis
Group Work on a B2C Market Analysis Problem
Achieving Profitable Growth in B2C Markets
Effective Management of The Processes of Market/Competitor Analysis
Certified Social Media Marketer
Use of market/competitor/benchmark data in achieving profitable growth
Social Media Marketing and Networking
How To Analyze The External & Internal Market
What Segments Of The Market To Target & Choose A Proper Positioning
How To Set Marketing & Financial Objectives

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