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California Business Academy LTD’s primary goal is making a difference in the lives of every person who aspires to succeed in the workforce. Our innovative programs; customized training plans and ongoing developmental ventures. were designed to help companies, professionals and individuals develop important skills, mindset, and attitudes to improve leadership, performance, and relationships. It will help develop through a never ending process of self-study, training and experience and will guide you, through that critical process of development and right perspective.

CBA’s leadership and personal development trainings provide employees and individuals essential principles, grounded on the consultants’ experience and expertise, which are keys for both personal and professional growth in the areas of leadership development, effective communication, performance improvement, personality development, personal wellness and branding, sales training, organizational development and supervisory skills training.

CALIFORNIA BUSINESS ACADEMY LTD believes that behind every successful company is a healthy organization where employees are motivated and contributing. Thus, we exist to provide organizations with solutions to their concerns by conducting a thorough analysis of the real issues and providing transformational interventions. We believe that at the core of organizational health are healthy individuals who are committed to be successful in their professional and personal lives. We subscribe to the principle that these two areas can never be separated from each other – and we call this “THE CALIFORNIA BUSINESS ACADEMY LTD SUCCESS”.

Our Values

  • Mastery
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Client-Centricity
  • Efficiency

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Our Vision

To be the best and globally recommended in providing trainings to individuals and companies.

Our Mission

Equip organizations and individuals with the skills, values and behavior to be excellent in their own chosen career.

Our Goals

  • Leading Organizations
  • Transforming Processes
  • Building Winning Teams
  • Sharpening Individual Effectiveness

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We started a business for the entire world. We have much to say.

  • Email: info@bitchnbabe.com

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