Security Courses
Security Courses

Security Duties at Shopping Malls & Hotels
Bank Security
Basic Laws of the Government
Duties in the Control Room
Introduction of the CCTV System
Monitoring & Recording of CCTV
Security Policies Using a Lifecycle Approach
Assistance in Information Governance
Information & Infrastructure Security
Information Security Policy and Process
Application Security
First Aid Training & Fire Fighting Training
Security Guards Training Program
Security System Solutions
Security Guard Training Programs
Situational Awareness
Patrolling procedures
Problem solving, decision making and the art of delegation in Security Institutions
Fire Detection Systems
Fire Fighting Equipment
Safe Evacuation Technique
Fire Fighting Technique-PASS
Standards for Personal Protective Equipment
Accident and Incident Investigation
Professional Safety Representatives
Managing Risk, Reliability & Loss Prevention in Process Plants
Fire and Gas Mapping
Fire Fighter Level 1
Fire Officer Level 2
Tactical Priorities in Petroleum Fire fighting
Building and Facilities Security Guard Officer Training
Fundamentals Of Security
Mobile Hacking & Forensics
Penetration Testing Attacking Hardened Defense Systems
Hacking and Hardening your Corporate Web Application
Network Defense In Practice
Securing Windows Infrastructure
Designing and Implementing Cloud Security
Advanced SQLi Attacks and Countermeasures
Information Security Policy Essentials
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition SCADA Security
Data Security Through Applied Cryptography
Assessing and Securing the Perimeter
Chemical Handling
Power Plant Safety
Management of Occupational Road Risk
Mitigation Strategies: Implementing & Auditing
Security Management: Safety and Protection of Corporate Facilities
Securing Linux/Unix
Air Cargo Security
Defending Web Applications Security Essentials
Apply the ICAO Annex 17 on cargo security
Airline Security Operations Optimization
Digital Forensics and Incident Response
Emergency Response Management & Risk Assessment
Aviation Security Operations
Law of Data Security and Investigations
Safety Engineering and Hazard Control
Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and concealed weapons recognition
Cargo terminal access control
IOSA cargo security standards and compliance
Aircraft security and Airport security
In-flight Security
Aviation security background and current trends
Aviation security legislation
Balancing customer service with in-flight security procedures
Security X-ray Screening Operations
Identifying weapons and IEDs in an x-ray
Aviation Security Screening
Management of Information Security
Security Coordination and Management
Managing Security Risks in the Oil and Gas Sector
Skills and Duties of a Security Officer
Crime Prevention and Security Design
Developing an Effective Safety Culture
Safety Technology and Risk Management
Intelligence and Security Management
Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management
Advanced Investigation Techniques
Safety Audit and Site Inspection
Introduction to Security Management
Major Emergency Response Management
Basic Safety & Security

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